Trump Launches Missiles, Oil and GOLD Go Up

In a move that the Twittersphere says is a ‘wag the dog’ distraction from the rest of his presidency, US President Trump has ordered his army to fire a few missiles into Syria after the gas attack a few days ago. Apparently Russia was supposed to have secured and captured this gas and its makers a few years ago but failed to do so, and so Trump has stepped in. And Hey, what happened to the concern about Ukraine?

Today’s events have roiled markets and have now given us the pullback that is needed to reset things. Further, both WTIC and GOLD have jumped, the one because of the uncertainty of Middle East oil, the other because it’s a safe haven trade. Both commodites have moved despite the USD staying relatively stable.

We wonder how US arms manufacturers will do tomorrow. Same with BANKS as they have been precariously perched for the last little while.

We don’t have the charts in front of us but there is research out there that shows markets can drop suddenly because of events like these but also tend to rebound in sharp ‘V’ patterns.

In terms of our Portfolio, we got rid of LABU a few days ago, luckily before its big drop, and entered into another position of NUGT. We still hold and and a couple CALLs on

These events in Syria should roil the markets. How will Russia react both militarily and in terms of its markets? How long will this conflict last in an area already decimated by turmoil? Is this Trump’s answer to Bush’s Iraq invasion? Lots of questions, few answers.

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